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Wiseco Pistons - Chrysler
Piston Sets Include: moly coated skirts, rings, wrist pins & circlips.
(* = Custom Set, non-coated, not supplied with rings. Order RINGS separately here)

Wiseco Sport Compact Pistons
are made from dedicated forgings produced in-house to give you a light weight piston with superior strength and optimal design. As the multivalve piston technology leader, the line features specially designed valve pockets, complex dome and crown shapes, the steel nitride/napier xx rings and optimized skirt profiles.
Stocking Shelf Pistons Come Complete With:
  • Aerospace grade materials, forged for maximum strength.
  • Precision tolerance CNC machining for quality, repeatability and performance.
  • Crown thickness and ring lands designed for power adders such as forced induction (turbos & blowers) and nitrous oxide. (Note: High comp. pistons are generally designed for nat. aspirated engines)
  • High Quality Piston Rings featuring positive twist nitride steel top ring, Napier 2nd ring, and nitrided rails on a specially designed expander for the best oil control.
  • Wrist Pins constructed of chrome moly steel material for the ultimate in strength.
  • Honed/Reamed pin bore holes for a precise tolerance fi t between wrist pin and piston.
  • Wire Retainer Clip Lock, featuring chrome silicon material for the ultimate yield strength.
  • Piston deburred for performance and reliability.
  • Pistons come standard with our ArmorGlide® coating material for reduced friction and noise, freeing up horsepower

ArmorPlating ("AP")
ArmorPlating increases durability of the ring grooves and helps prevent micro welding. This tough coating combats the erosion on the crown of the piston caused by detonation. [Complete "AP" Info Here]
"AP" for Stocking Pistons - Any pistons ending in “AP” have ArmorPlating INCLUDED
"AP" for Custom Pistons* - Add the ArmorPlating to any CUSTOM Piston set marked with an * below for only $25 per piston. Call to order at (603) 378-0090, or CLICK HERE to add it to your ONLINE order.

Custom Built Pistons
In addition to the pistons below, IPP in conjunction with Wiseco is also able to build you custom pistons for just about any sport compact or import engine.

MAP Pricing Policy

MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) is what we are allowed to show for all our Wiseco Pistons.
However, if you take a quick second to call or email us, we can give you our best lowest pricing on your Wiseco Piston set, which beats the Wiseco MAP price. Never pay MAP, call IPP!

Neon SRT, PT Cruiser GT, and Hybrid Neon 2.4L Engines
This piston has a Dish, unlike the originals, with a higher compression height for better quench.
K1 Rods Available   Optional K1 Rods Available!
Piston # Price/
Stroke Rod C.H. Head
Notes Buy Now
Inches K562M875 $537 87.5 std. 3.967 5.945 1.400 50 -17 8.8 .866 1
Metric K562M88 $537 88 .020 100.75 151 35.6 50 -17 8.8 22mm 1

Inches K679M875AP $519* 87.5 std. 3.967 5.945 1.406 50 -22 8.0 .866 1,3
Metric K679M88AP $519* 88 .020 100.75 151 35.69 50 -22 8.0 22mm 1,3
Chrysler ECB/ECC/420A Neon 2.0L SOHC/DOHC
Piston # Price/
Stroke Rod C.H. Head cc's Dome/Dish
Comp Ratio Pin
Notes Buy Now
Inches K580M875 $537 87.50/3.445 Std 3.268 5.472 1.236 52 -5 8.8:1 .827 1
Metric K580M88 $537 88.00/3.464 .020 83 139 31.4 52 -5 8.8:1 21mm 1
  K580M885 $537 88.50/3.484 .040 83 139 31.4 52 -5 8.8:1 21mm 1

Inches K581M875 $550 87.50/3.445 Std 3.268 5.472 1.236 52 5 10.5:1 .827 1
Metric K581M88 $550 88.00/3.464 .020 83 139 31.4 52 5 10.5:1 21mm 1
  K581M885 $550 88.50/3.484 .040 83 139 31.4 52 5 10.5:1 21mm 1
* Non-coated, not supplied with rings (you can order RINGS separately here)
Most Wiseco Pistons have an offset pin. Pins must be offset same as OEM for quietest operation.
2 This piston is a flat top w/out valve pockets, to be used if verifying piston to valve and piston to head clearance.
3  Optional pin upgrade available.
4 = This piston made w/stock compression height, which is very close to cylinder head. Use Cometic thick gasket if decking block.
A = Piston Rings need to be adjusted
B or *
= Will build to order (custom), Non-coated, not supplied with rings.
E = With valve pockets unline K557M series.
H = Based on Volvo rod 23mm. Ford OEM 21mm
R = Pin 20mm, OEM = 20.65mm (13/16)

Notes that apply to all Part #'s:
  • Some pistons are listed with a range of compression ratio's. The low number is determined w/an un-cut deck and the high number is determined w/.030 piston to cylinder head clearance.
  • Always check pistons to valve clearance - If using VTEC or like mechanisms- check w/longer duration higher lift lobe.
  • Always run at least .030 piston to head clearance including gasket thickness.
  • If piston appears to be different than expected, please do not hesitate to call Wiseco at 800-321-1364 to verify proper installation specifications.
Sales/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: [email protected]

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