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Wiseco Pistons   Wiseco Piston Rings
For all Sport Compact Applications
Wiseco offers piston rings for just about any application on the market. These rings are designed to be used with Wiseco pistons and can be purchased alone, or with Wiseco custom built pistons.

**NOTE: Wiseco Piston Rings are already included with all Wiseco stocking shelf pistons**
Description Price/Set Buy Now
CUSTOM Piston Rings
(**only with purchase of Wiseco CUSTOM Piston Sets**)
4 Cyl $99
5 Cyl $119
6 Cyl $139
8 Cyl $159
STOCKING Replacement Piston Rings
4 Cyl $109
5 Cyl $139
6 Cyl $159
8 Cyl $179
1400HD CUSTOM Piston Rings
(w/Purchase of Wiseco CUSTOM Piston Set
4 Cyl $109
6 Cyl $159

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