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Traction Concepts, WISECO Pistons
MAP Explained
MFG's "Minimum (allowed) Advertised Price"
What is MAP?
It simply means there is Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) put in place by the MFG that stipulates what the absolute lowest price an item is allowed to be advertised at.

If you’ve ever shopped around and keep finding the same price at various online retailers, you may have just discovered that part’s MAP.

So... as much as we want to show you our best price online, we don't want any fines or penalties from our MFG's for violating their MAP, but we DO want to sell you performance parts at an awesomely low price!

We'll Beat It!
Therefore, you may see messages on some of our website pages that say "CALL for the LOWEST Pricing!" (or something along those lines). That means if you take a quick second to call or email us, we can give you our best pricing on the part, which beats the MFG's MAP price.

So make sure you call or email us when you see those messages! It's worth it for the great price that we can't show you online!
(603) 378-0090 /  Email Us

Call or email us for the below MAP price!

Sales/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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