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To Any Wiseco CUSTOM Piston Order!
All Wiseco CUSTOM Pistons are marked with an * on our website.
You can ADD ArmorPlating to any CUSTOM Piston set for only $19 per piston.

To order your custom pistons with AP Coating, call us at (603) 378-0090,
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The long awaited changes to the Wiseco Sport Compact offering are finally making its way through our manufacturing process. As we all know, the majority of the Sport Compact pistons are used for Turbo applications. Turbos create an enormous amount of heat where tuning issues can create piston issues.

Now our exciting & innovative pistons will have the ArmorPlating™ process applied to the critical parts of the piston, and then we apply the ArmorGlide™ skirt coating. Two ground-breaking processes in one high performance part!

The primary purpose of ArmorPlating is to increase durability of the ring grooves by creating a hard, smooth surface for the rings to rest on. This process will help prevent micro welding.

Micro welding is when the ring gets so hot it pulls aluminum from the ring groove and makes the rings stick. This tough coating will also combat the erosion on the crown of the piston caused by detonation.

(NOTE on Wiseco STOCKING Pistons: RIGHT NOW any pistons ending in “AP” already have our ArmorPlating INCLUDED, and eventually ALL our stocking pistons will be ArmorPlated by end of the year).

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Add Armor Plating to Your
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