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Crane Cams - Performance Camshafts
Cranecam's Performance Cam Sets   Mitsubishi/Eagle Camshafts
Cranes Camshafts Feature:
  • Brand New 8620 steel billet cores
    (not reground factory cams)
  • Manufactured to industry's highest standards
  • Exceptional finish ensures long-term valve train reliability
Mitsubishi Turbo 2.0L DOHC 16V 4G63/4G63T and Mitsubishi Eclipse Non-Turbo 420A
89-99 Eclipse TURBO GST, GSX, Spyder GST
90-93 Galant VR-4
90-00 Eclipse non-Turbo
89-99 Eagle Talon TSI, TSI AWD
Notes: 4G63 fits Gen I and II
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Stock Cam: 4G63  - 240/240 106.5 335/335  - -
Stock Cam: 420A  - 243/243 109 344/315  - -
HKS 272  - 272/272 - 406/386  - -
Fits 4G63: Great for Daily Driving. Works well with stock engine. Aftermarket int/exh and ECM recommended. Valve Spring and Retainer change recommended. RPM range idle 6,500. 435-0010 248/240 110 404/384 $669
Fits 4G63: Street/Strip cam that also works well with Nitrous. Good power on or off the bottle. Use Crane Cams Nitrous Controller Part #6000-9816 for max efficiency. Requires spring and retainer change; valve guides must be shortened. RPM range idle 6,800. 435-0012 256/248 110 424/404 $669
Fits 4G63: Excellent for use with aftermarket Turbo systems. "Spools" turbo faster for quicker boost and response. For max power, use intercooler, plus modified intake/ehaust. Requires spring and retainer change; valve guides MUST be shortened. RPM range 1,500-7,500 435-0014 264/256 110 444/424 $669
Fits 420A: Great for daily driving with good mid range. Use low restriction intake/exhaust and aftermarket ECM for max performance. Works well with stock engine compression. RPM range idle-6,500 431-0010 242/242 108 354/354 $599
Fits 420A: Nitrous profile for street/strip. Use low restriction intake/exhaust. Good power on or off bottle. Use Crane Cams nitrous controller #6000-9816 for max control. RPM range idle-6,800 431-0012 246/246 110 364/364 $445
Fits 420A: Features our unique ”split duration” lobe profile design (exhaust duration is less than intake duration). ”Spools” turbo faster for quicker boost and response. Reduces turbo lag time. Strong upper mid to top end with turbo. For max power use intercooler and low restriction intake/exhaust. RPM range 1,500-6,800 431-0014 246/238 108 364/345 $445
Fits 420A: Radical street/race profile. Super strong mid and top end. Use cylinder head porting, header with low restriction exhaust, ported intake w/low restriction air intake system. RPM range 2,000-7,200 431-0016 250/250 108 374/374 $669
Fits 420A: Radical street /drag race profile. Needs all major mods. High compression pistons, race header w/equal length long primary tubes, aftermarket ECM, race prepped cylinder head porting. RPM range 2,500-7,500 431-0018 258/258 110 394/394 $669
NOTE: More radical custom grinds available! Call CraneCams Tech dept for details at 386.258.6174

Order/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: [email protected]

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