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IPP's Head Porting Services
Stages 1, 2 & 3
Available for: Acura, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan & Toyota
(Other heads available, additional/lesser charges may be applicable. Please call us at 603-378-0090)
Head Porting Stages: (click on the stage for complete info)
Stage 1: For Improved Street Flow
Stage 2: For Hot Street (stock or mid range cams & headers)
Stage 3: For Pro Street & Strip
Additional Options: Intake blending, over sized Valves, & more
Stage 1
For improved Street Flow. Will not require a change in cam or compression although our Headers would be helpful and an Air Intake will help in combustion Chambers.

Softens sharp edges to help flow cone develop quicker in the Valve Head area
Blending of Intake and Exhaust Runners
3 angle Valve job
Works well with up to 50 shot of Nitrous
You'll get 20-35 Horse Power gain
Price ...$525
    (Price based on 4 cylinder heads. Available for 6 cylinder.)
Call us to order (603) 378-0090

Import Cylinder Head
(Import Cylinder Head)


Stage 2
For Hot Street. Works well with Stock or Mid Range Cams & Headers

More aggressive blending of sharp edges in the combustion chamber
Increases the flow cone more quickly to increase total flow
3 angle Valve job
More aggressive port work on the intakes and exhaust. Good choice for rally cars and Racers.
    Best to look for improved flow through Intake Manifold and larger Throttle body.
You'll get 50-60 Horse Power gain.

Price ...$699    (Price based on 4 cylinder heads. 6 cylinder available)
Call us to order (603) 378-0090

Import Combustion Chamber
(Import Combustion Chamber)


Stage 3
For Pro Street and Strip.

Open up Ports below the Valves - you will lose power down low but gain it up top.
    Changes to Intake Port required. Headers a must, along with larger Throttle body!
More blending of Combustion Chambers to establish faster flow around Valves.
    It is mandatory to bore the Block .020 or .040 to further unshroud the Valves.
Intake Ports and Exhaust Ports are opened up for more flow. These Heads work well w/naturally aspirated,
    turbo-chargers and super-chargers (for normally aspirated engines, use from 12-13-1 comp).
    These heads have an 80% Exhaust to Intake flow rate.

You'll get 85-90 Horse Power gain.
Price ...$980
*    (Price based on 4 cylinder heads. 6 cylinder available)
Call to order (603) 378-0090

For a killer Nitrous Head, we can increase the Exhaust flow to 100-105%.
You'll get 100 Horse Power Gain
Price ...$1099*
Call to order (603) 378-0090

Import Runners
(Import Runners)

* Head Porting of particular Import Heads may be more expensive because of their design, or because they may not work well with Head Improvements. Please call Sales for price enquiries (603) 378-0090.


Additional Options Available:
1. Over Sized Valves -
In some cases we can install over sized Valves for increase flow
     Price ...varies depending on application.
     Call us to order (603) 378-0090

2.  Intake Blending - Send us your Intake and we'll blend the first inch or so to match the head!
     Price ...$150
     Call us to order (603) 378-0090

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