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Procar seats by SCAT
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General Features Learn all about PROCAR Seat features here.
PROCAR Rally Seats RALLY - Series 1000 Equally at home in either a muscle car, pony car, jeep or off-road buggy, the Rally features vertical stitching for the vintage look with a pronounced side bolstering or added support under hard cornering.
ELITE - Series 1100 Contemporary style adds that sporty look for late model pony cars, mini trucks, SUVs or imported sport compacts. Ergonomically shaped to accommodate both small, medium or large drivers.
PRO-90 - Series 1300 The most popular seat in the Procar line, the Pro-90 offers the best combination of style, comfort and affordability. Easy to look at, easy to get in and out of, easy to live with over the long haul.
Pro-90 LOWBACK - Series 1400 A variation on our best-selling seat, the Lowback is a perfect replacement for that less than adequate original equipment seat. Looks great in any early resto-rod, ’50s Custom, pony car, muscle car or VW Bug.
PROCAR Rave Seats RAVE - Series 1600 High-tech styling combines generous lateral support with the convenience of a recliner — perfect for the street enthusiast and occasional weekend warrior.
SPORTSMAN - Series 1605/1606 This awesome sport seat has all the great features found in our Rave Seat with sleek lines and a slightly different feel.
RAVE-X - Series 1650 With rotary knob to allow for “micro” recliner adjustment. The Rave look in a dynamic style makes this a must for the street enthusiast, whether it be for your sport compact, off-road, hot rod or muscle car.
XTREME - Series 1700 Features race-bred styling and ergonomic shape to hold you in place while you hug those curves. These Performance Seats have openings to accommodate 5-point racing harnesses.
F - Series 1750 Standard features include 5-point harness capability, high quality velour and vinyl fabrics to choose from. This sporty seat has sturdy fiber composite shell. Built with the off road warrior in mind.
PRO-SPORT - Series 1790 A full bucket seat with maximum lateral support and ample padding - ideal for the street or off road enthusiast looking for that “full-race” look. These Performance Seats have openings to accommodate 5-point racing harnesses.

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