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Procar seats by SCAT
PROCAR RAVE Series 1600
PROCAR Rave Seats 
(Left - Yellow Velour, Middle - Blue Velour, Right - Red Velour)

(More colors available! See specs and colors below)
PROCAR Rave Seat Dimensions
RAVE Seat Dimensions

Seat Adapter required to install your Procar Seats
PROCAR Rave Series 1600
RACE STYLING with Street Comfort
High-tech styling combines generous lateral support with the convenience of a recliner — perfect for the street enthusiast and occasional weekend warrior. These Performance Seats have openings to accommodate 5-point racing harnesses.
Weight 30 lbs, Height 35 1/2", Width 18", Depth 20"

Seat Sliders:
All PROCAR seat prices include seat sliders which allow your seat to move forwards & backwards.

Rave Seat
Part #
Color(s) Description Seat Side Price/
* sliders included
Buy Now
80-1600-51L Black Vinyl Left $305
80-1600-51R Black Vinyl Right $305
80-1600-61L Black Velour Left $305
80-1600-61R Black Velour Right $305
80-1600-62L Grey Velour Left $305
80-1600-62R Grey Velour Right $305
80-1600-64L Red Velour Left $305
80-1600-64R Red Velour Right $305
80-1600-65L Blue Velour Left $305
80-1600-65R Blue Velour Right $305
80-1600-66L Yellow Velour Left $305
80-1600-66R Yellow Velour Right $305
* All PROCAR seats come w/ seat sliders which allow your seat to move forwards & backwards.

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