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Our ability to produce the next generation racing engines and tuning cars relies on our ability to analyze and conquer today's emissions problems. The A'PEXi group of companies will continue to grow with motorsports and the international street tuning culture as its core. Countless technologies and groundbreaking innovations have been recognized through the one passion that brought this all together: The automobile.

Apexi Electronics
Founded in Japan in 1992, A'PEXi has grown from just a small tuning parts manufacturer to a multi-industry international powerhouse. An international network of tuning shops and consumers provides a steady flow of incoming information that continuously fuels the engineers at A'PEXi.

Championship wins and racing feedback can be seen reflected throughout the product lineup. In response to increasing emissions and environmental issues, A'PEXi has embraced the technological fight to create clean burning technologies for everyday automotive use.
Power FC
Boost Control Kits
(Acura/Honda, Mazda, Mitsu, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota)
(Most Sport Compact)
(All Sport Compact)
Auto Timer
(Turbo & N/A)
(All Turbo & N/A)
EL II System Meters
(All Sport Compact)
Rev Speed Meter GP
(All Sport Compact)
Super VFD Coupler
(Honda Only)
(All Sport Compact)
Super Ground Stabilizer
(All Sport Compact)
ECU Straight Harness
(Acura, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru)




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