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Apexi - Boost Control Kits
Not only the Apexi Power FC is a standalone ECU management that can modify most engine parameters, but it is also a boost controller.

By adding on the Apexi Boost Control Kit, this ECU management system is one of the most powerful add-on's!

The user can adjust boost settings through the FC Commander and monitor boost levels on the fly.

Part No. Application Description Price   Buy
415-A013  N008, N014~N018, N020~N024, F003, M001~M008PFC Boost Kit, NIS/SUB/MIT $342  
415-A008  Z001, Z003, Z004, Z005, Z006PFC Boost Kit, Mazda $342  
415-A001 N010~N013, N019, N025-N029, F001, F002, F005PFC Boost Kit, NISSAN/SUBARU $342  
415-A002 SW20, FC3S T001PFC Boost Kit, SW20, FC3S$179  
415-A003 T003, T006~T014PFC Boost Kit, JZX100/HONDA $342  

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