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Zex Fuel Line
  ZEX Nitrous Systems
Small displacement sport compact vehicles respond amazingly well to nitrous oxide injection. Understanding the engineering behind these complex power plants, ZEX™ has designed highly sophisticated systems that are easy-to-install.

Scion tC Nitrous System
ZEX™ continues to be the dominant leader in nitrous systems designed for the sport compact market. Our plug & play nitrous system for the 2024-Current Scion tC fits perfectly and installs in just 2 hours. The kit includes OEM quality fuel connectors, making it easy to hook-up the nitrous system’s fuel connections.
The kit also includes custom tuning for maximum power and safety.

  • Designed to add 55 to 75 additional horsepower
  • Features electronic TPS switch that activates nitrous at wide-open throttle
  • Custom fuel connectors are supplied to make installation simple; no cutting
    or drilling of your factory fuel system lines
Application Years HP Part # Price Add
Tc All adds 55-75 additional HP 82321 CALL CALL

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Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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