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Garrett Turbo Kits
Turbo Specialties Turbo Kits - Cavalier
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Superior Turbo Kits - Better Performance
This kit is designed for the avid auto enthusiast who is looking to add some boost as well as a good amount of HP for a minimal amount of money! This kit safely increases your HP, while maintaining your engine's reliability and durability.
adds 6-9 pounds of boost (out of box)
w/a variable boost controller, this kit can add up to 18 pounds of boost
gives you up to 30% more HP
can be used with your Air Conditioner. That's right, you don't have to remove it to install this kit!
Extreme Turbo Kits - Maximum Performance
If you're looking for the max in high performance, than the Extreme kit is for you!  Because of the extra equipment included, it's designed to give you the max in HP, while maintaining the reliability and durability of your engine for every day driving. Cooler, more powerful & efficient system = higher HP.
adds 6-9 pounds of boost (out of the box)
w/a variable boost controller, this kit can add up to 18 pounds of boost
designed to give you the maximum in HP (50%+ more HP)
designed to be used w/your Air Conditioner!
Garrett Turbo HP Comparison Chart
Garrett Turbo Type
(click for description)
Amount of HP
(out of box),
gained with Superior Kit *
Amount of HP
(out of box),
gained with Extreme Kit *
Garrett T20 50% HP Gain
w/6-7 lbs of boost
60% HP Gain
w/6-7 lbs of boost
Garrett T25 200 HP 250 HP
Garrett T25 BB 224 HP 280 HP
Garrett T28 BB 65% HP Gain
w/6-7 lbs of boost
75% HP Gain
w/6-7 lbs of boost
* with stock 5-6 PSI setting from factory . Turbo can be turned up for much more increase in total HP!

(General photo only)

Turbo Kit Components & Comparison Chart
Part Description Superior Extreme
1 Garrett Turbo w/Internal Wastegate
1 High Nickel Composite Cast
   Exhaust Manifold
1 Down Pipe
1 Fuel Pressure Regulator
1 Map Unit (Black box)
1 Oil Return Line and Fitting
1 Air Filter w/Piping
1 Injection Control Unit w/Turbo Timer -
1 Injector Interface Block w/Injectors -
1 Blow Off Valve -
1 High Flow Intercooler w/mounting hardware,
   Pressure Tubes, Rubber Hose Connections
   and Clamps
Total increase in HP 30% 50%+
Please note: your kit may not contain all items listed above as not all items are needed for every application.
Note: All necessary items needed for installation of kit is included. Manifolds come w/5 year warranty, and 1 year on the accessories. Garrett covers the Turbo. Install instructions incl. w/each kit & recommended injection control system settings incl. if applicable.
Photos: Click on link (Kit #) . Opens Turbo Specialties Website in a new window. Photos not available for all kits.
Cavalier Engine/Year Garrett
Kit #
Price Buy
Kit #
Price Buy
(1995-02 only)
T25 N/A N/A - CC2501-EXT $2499
(1995-02 only)
T28 BB N/A N/A - CC28B1-EXT $2899

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