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Turbo Specialties Fuel Management System
Fuel Management System
Turbo Specialties Fuel Management System
The true high performance enthusiast and racer will enjoy the outstanding performance, greater horsepower and increased High Performance Fuel Management Systemsdurability obtained when the injector control unit and the injector interface kit are incorporated with your turbo system. These two items when used in conjunction with each other, make up the most comprehensive and versatile fuel management system available today!

The injector control unit can be used with any turbo system and many configurations of injectors. Where the injector interface kit can be used it is a simple, bolt on, cost effective method of adding a controlled amount of fuel to your power plant. Separate injectors can be installed (up to four), when even greater performance is required or when the injector interface kit isn't applicable.
Description Part # Price Buy Now
Injector Control Unit - 4 Cyl ICU401 $399
Injector Control Unit - 6 Cyl ICU601 $399
Injectors w/Interface Block IF201 $339
Injectors w/Universal Interface PI201 $279
Special Functions:
There are several special functions, some of which are adjustable, to create the exact gas/air flow for your power plant. These special functions # 1 through 10 are:
  1. This one shows your engines current vacuum or pressure and RPM's
  2. If you reset this, it will show you the highest amount of boost and highest RPM's reached during the current run.
  3. In order to protect your engine you can set the maximum amount of RPM's you wish your engine to be able to reach.
  4. Your turbo may reach as high as 200,000 RPM's and should be allowed to cool off before shutting down engine. this function allows you to set the delay time for the engine shut down after you turn off the key.
  5. This position is left open for special request or optional function
  6. With this function you can adjust up to 12 levels the amount of fuel entering the engine as the amount of boost is increased.
  7. With may turbo systems there can be (turbo lag) experienced when rapidly accelerating. With this special feature you can adjust a controlled amount of fuel to enter the engine as the RPM's increase even slightly to compensate for the lag time for the boost to reach the system and then number 7 above takes over. This also helps prevent knocking or pre-ignition.
  8. A simple protection, you can adjust the overall system to run either richer or leaner by one simple adjustment. This may help run cooler on a hot day and help prevent pre ignition or lean it out some for cool days with moisture in the air for racing.
  9. Pressure limit. If you use an electrically controlled pop off valve you can adjust the amount of boost you wish to maintain which will then allow the pop off valve to open.
  10. Also a system to help prevent turbo lag and fuel economy by activating ICU unit when it sensed a change in the vacuum level. It will provide a predetermined amount of increased fuel upon instant acceleration. This is adjustable in accordance with the users desire to achieve full horsepower during acceleration or economy for daily driving.

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