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Turbo Specialties Turbo Accessories
Turbo Specialties Superior Performance Turbo Accessories

Blow Off Valve #BP9901
When the best performance is a must then the use of a blow off valve is required. Turbo Specialties top quality, yet economically priced unit does the job and helps to maintain that instant thrust of power you desire.
Features: Adjustable to your needs and chrome plated, it comes with vacuum hose and mounting hardware and 2 1/4" pressure tube adapter.

Part #: BP9901
Price: $149
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Fuel Pressure Regulator #FPR140
A must in any Turbo Application. This little performer regulates form 1 psi of boost to 14 psi of fuel pressure.
Features: This lightweight aluminum alloy chrome plated unit comes with mounting hardware and mounting bracket.

Part #: FPR140
Price: $119
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Engine Oil Cooler #EOC500
For that extra protection Turbo Specialties offer a superior engine oil cooler. More heat is created with a high boost turbo system so the use of a high flow oil cooler with dynamic air flow design is a must for maximum cooling.
Features: Comes with mounting hardware, hoses, fittings, and 2 adapter fittings for oil filter adapter.

Part #: EOC500
Price: $199
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Transmission Cooler #ATC500
As with the engine oil cooler, Turbo Specialties offers the same high performance automatic transmission oil cooling.
Features: This unit also comes with mounting hardware, hoses and connection adapters.

Part #: ATC500
Price: $159
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