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Topline OEM Engine Kits - Nissan
TopLine is the Largest supplier of Import Engine parts in the country!
They offer great value, quality parts and a full line of products.

Warranty Details

If you do not specify a size when ordering, you will receive standard size

(we do not charge extra for oversize pistons, rings or bearings)
Please click on your Model below:
Sentra E15S 82-83 1488cc 76mm
310 E15S 82-83 1488cc 76mm
Pulsar Turbo E15T 83-84 1488cc 76mm
Sentra E16 83-86 1597cc 76mm
Pulsar E16 83-86 1597cc 76mm
Pulsar E16i 85-88 1597cc 76mm
Sentra E16i 85-88 1597cc 76mm
Sentra/Pulsar NX GA16i 89-90 1597cc 76mm
Sentra GA16DE 91-94 1597cc 76mm
NX GA16DE 91-94 1597cc 76mm
Sentra/200SX GA16DE 95-99 1597cc 76mm
Pulsar SE CA16DE 1987 1598cc 78mm
Sentra QG18DE 00-05 1769cc 80mm
Pulsar SE CA18DE 88-89 1809cc 83mm
200SX Turbo CA18ET 84-86 1809cc 83mm
Pickup/200SX L20B 74-79 1952cc 85mm
200SX 510 80-81 1952cc 85mm
PickUp Z20 83-86 1952cc 85mm
Stanza CA20S 82-83 1974cc 84.5mm
200SX CA20E 84-86 1974cc 84.5mm
Stanza CA20E 84-85 1974cc 84.5mm
Stanza Wagon CA20E 84-89 1974cc 84.5mm
200 SX CA20E 86-89 1974cc 84.5mm
Stanza Sedan CA20E 86-89 1974cc 84.5mm
Sentra SR20DE 91-01 1988cc 86mm
200SX SR20DE 91-99 1988cc 86mm
NX SR20DE 91-94 1988cc 86mm
200SX/PickUp Z22/Z22E 81-83 2187cc 87mm
PickUp/Pathfinder/Cargo Van Z24/Z24i 83-89 2389cc 89mm
Pickup KA24E 90-97 2389cc 89mm
240SX KA24E 89-90 2389cc 89mm
Stanza/Axxess KA24E 89-92 2389cc 89mm
240SX KA24DE 91-98 2389cc 89mm
Altima KA24DE 93-01 2389cc 89mm
Frontier KA24DE 98-04 2389cc 89mm
Xterra KA24DE 98-04 2389cc 89mm
Altima/Sentra QR25DE 02-05 2488cc 89mm
280ZX/280ZX Turbo L28E 81-83 2753cc 86mm
Maxima VG30E/VG30i 84-3/87 2960cc 87mm
200SX VG30E/VG30i 84-89 2960cc 87mm
300ZX VG30E/VG30i 84-89 2960cc 87mm
PickUp (2WD) VG30E/VG30i 84-3/87 2960cc 87mm
PickUp (4WD) VG30E/VG30i 84-3/87 2960cc 87mm
Pickup VG30E/VG30i 4/87-89 2960cc 87mm
Pathfinder VG30E/VG30i 4/87-89 2960cc 87mm
Maxima VG30E 89-94 2960cc 87mm
PickUp VG30E 4x4 90-95 2960cc 87mm
Pathfinder VG30E 4x4 90-95 2960cc 87mm
PickUp VG30E RWD 90-95 2960cc 87mm
Quest VG30E 93-98 2960cc 87mm
300ZX Turbo VG30E 84-89 2960cc 87mm
300ZX VG30DE 90-96 2960cc 87mm
300ZX Twin Turbo VG30DETT 90-96 2960cc 87mm
Maxima VE30DE 92-94 2960cc 87mm
Maxima VQ30DE 95-01 2988cc 93mm
Pathfinder VG33E 96-00 3272cc 91.5mm
Quest VG33E 99-02 3272cc 91.5mm
Frontier VG33E 99-04 3272cc 91.5mm
X-Terra VG33E 99-04 3272cc 91.5mm
Maxima/Murano/Altima VQ35DE 01-05 3498cc 95.5mm
Pathfinder/Quest Q35DE 01-05 3498cc 95.5mm
350Z VQ35DE 02-05 3498cc 95.5mm

Order/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: [email protected]

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