TOGA Tuner Performance H-Bean Rod Warranty Details:
These rods are designed for performance applications and TOGA will warranty the rods for 2 years due to workmanship. You can purchase these rods with confidence that we will stand behind our product for intended use with considerations of application and usage.

This warranty does not cover replacement due to normal ware, or insufficient lubrication, excessive heat, or improper installation (with or without other parts).

TOGA Performance will not be liable under any circumstances for any incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to; damages or loss of other property or equipment and/or cost of purchase or replaced goods. All warranties are subject to TOGA's inspection and approval only (items will not be considered for replacement without inspection of the product in question).

Shipping on all returns is at the customer's expense. If replacement parts are approved by us, shipping of replacement parts will be free to any location around the world (method of shipping is at our discretion).