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TOGA Performance Exhaust Gasket
TOGA Performance Copper Exhaust Gaskets
TOGA Performance Copper Exhaust Gaskets
Stop Leaks now!

New Toga Performance Exhaust Gaskets are made from .066 thick rolled copper (compare to stock paper gaskets which are only .042 thick). Because most run heads and exhaust manifolds warp, the extra thickness we build into these gaskets will make up for inconsistent mating surfaces.

These gaskets are a MUST for High HP Nitrous or Turbo applications.

These copper exhaust gaskets require no re-torquing and will last forever! They are perfect for stock, performance and racing applications. CNC made for stock exhaust or up to 2-1/2" headers.

Copper Gaskets are perfect and the only gaskets that can be ported along with the exhaust port. Stock or aftermarket composite gaskets restrict flow on your ported head b/c  you cannot port them w/o destroying them. The soft copper can be formed with any hand tool or grinder for perfect fit to the head exhaust manifold of header.

TOGA Copper Exhaust Gaskets Feature:
.066" thickness vs .042" for paper!
Thick, rolled copper material
No re-torquing required
Perfect for stock, performance and race!
Fits stock exhaust & up to 2-1/2" headers
Will last forever!

EAGLE Year Engine Gasket
Part # Price/Each Buy Now
Eagle Talon '89-94 2.0L DOHC Oval, 1.975 x 1.250 FLAT-22 $59
Eagle Talon '89-94 4G63
2.0L Turbo
Oval, 1.975 x 1.250 FLAT-22 $59

Eagle Talon Copper Exhaust Gasket #FLAT-22

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Email: [email protected]

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