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  Supertech Block Guards
Honda & Nissan

Meticulously designed and tested in many engines!
We offer the full range of Supertech Block Guards for Honda & Nissan. These block guards are high quality, best priced and in stock.

As Supertech meticulously designed and tested these in many engines, the result is a product that will provide support to highly stressed cylinder walls with optimal engine cooling by allowing enough water flow in critical areas to avoid destructive cylinder hot spots.

Made from high strength, high corrosion resistance 6061 aluminum alloy, computer designed and CNC machined for easy of installation.

Part # Make Enigne Price Buy Now
BG-B16 Honda B16a/B18C $69
BG-B20 Honda B20 $69
BG-D15/D16 Honda D15B - D16Z - D16Y Single Cam $69
BG-D16ZC Honda D16ZC Integra dual Cam $75
BG-D17 Honda D17 Single Cam 2002+ $75
BG-H22/F22 Honda and F22 Single cam $75
BG-H22A Honda H22A $75
BG-K20 Honda K20 engines $75
BG-K24 Honda K24 $75
BG-S2000 Honda S2000 $75
BG-QR25DE Nissan QR25DE $89

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Email: [email protected]

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