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SRP Professional Pistons
SRP Professional Pistons - Ford
Piston Set Includes:
pistons, wrist pins, JE Pro Seal Premium Piston Rings
SRP Professional pistons include features used in professional racing such as lightweight forged side relief (FSR) forgings, high quality wrist pins, and precision CNC machined ring grooves and skirts. In addition, every package includes JE Pro Seal Premium Piston Rings. The included ring set features a 1.2 premium steel top ring, 1.5mm Napier (hooked face) second ring and 3.0mm standard tension oil ring

Every piston is designed and manufactured in the USA at the advanced JE/SRP Pistons manufacturing center. Alan Stevenson, JE/SRP Pistons Product Manager feels, “This new line of SRP Pistons will change everything the industry knows about affordable forged pistons. The features you would normally find in a high quality set of JE Pistons can be found at the affordable price of SRP Pistons. There is nothing comparable on the market.”

The development of SRP Professional took place over the course of an entire year. The piston designs were created using 3D computer modeling and tested for strength using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Several revisions were made to optimize the strength and weight before manufacturing began. Unlike other piston manufacturers, JE/SRP Pistons manufacture billet pistons from solid pucks of aluminum for dyno testing in actual engines prior to approving the final forging designs. “This gives us the opportunity to make small adjustments to the design to improve performance and strength prior to adding them to our catalog. We also verify our products outperform our competitors” said Moises
Romo, JE Pistons Design Engineer.
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Part # Bore Over
Gram Foot
Skirt Price
FORD 2023-UP ZX3 ZETEC Professional Series
Std Bore: 84.82
Ring package designed for: 1.0 x 1.2 x 2.8mm
283440 85.0 0.18 88 139.2 29.75 48 9.0:1 -6.9 305 T F Contact Us for Lowest Pricing
(603) 378-0090
F FSR (Forged Side Relief)
G Stock Block Must Be Re-Sleeved
L Limited Availability
M Made To Order
N Must sleeve block
R Full Round Skirt
T Accepts Turbo and Nitrous
U Not Designed for use with Turbo or Nitrous
V Accepts Nitrous
Sales/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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