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RPM Partz Ignition Distributors RPM Partz Ignition Distributors - Porsche
All RPM Partz distributors are built to meet and surpass ISO 9001 specifications. These distributors come complete with all the parts necessary to plug-and-play on whichever vehicle it is intended for.

Includes: RPM Partz doesn't just provide the base, they include the cap, rotor, ignition module and all other parts needed to complete the job. All of this is provided to you at a price you can afford and at a quality level that cannot be met by any other remanufactured distributor on the market.
RPM Offers
World's best quality distributors for lowest prices
Full 1 year warranty
Low prices and no core charges!

How Do Distributors Work?
The distributor on your vehicle handles several jobs. Its first job is to distribute voltage from the coil to the appropriate cylinder. This is done by the cap and rotor. The coil is connected to the rotor, which spins inside the cap. The rotor spins past a series of contacts, with each contact representing a cylinder in your engine. As the tip of the rotor passes each contact, a high-voltage pulse comes from the coil. This pulse arcs across the small gap between the rotor and the contact and then continues down your car's spark-plug wire to the spark plug on the appropriate cylinder.

Return Policy: RPM Partz Distributors are non-returnable. Please call us if you have questions before purchasing. 603-378-0090
Ignition Dostributors
Ignition Dostributors
Ignition Dostributors
Porsche Year Engine OEM # and Info RPM# Price Buy Now
356B 55-79 1600cc All w/0231-178-003 & 0231-178-009 (External Coil) VW06 $79
1600S 55-79 1600cc All w/0231-178-003 & 0231-178-009 (External Coil) VW06 $79

Order/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: info@importperformanceparts.net

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