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ROSS Racing Rings

Ideal for all high performance applications including turbo charging with boost up to 16 lbs. sq. in.

Top rings which fit bore sizes of 3.939 and smaller are symmetrical and can be fitted in the groove either way. Top rings which fit bore sizes 3.940 and larger are torsional in design. The torsioning is obtained from the bevel on the inner upper edge. All top rings are zinc phosphate coated to improve initial scuff resistance and to add corrosion resistance.

Second rings are cast iron reverse torsional twist. The torsioning is obtained from the bevel on the inner lower edge. Other performance advantages are conformability to cylinder walls, good wear resistance, and a specific O.D. shape that will encourage downward oil scraping and minimize upward scraping. Ross second rings are also zinc phosphate coated. Radial thickness on all Ross second rings in bore sizes from 3.051 through 3.494 (70 mm though 88.75 mm) is .125. All rings above bore size 3.499 (88.9 mm) are SAE "D" wall.

Oil rings are three piece circumferential type. They are comprised of a stainless steel expander and two chromium plated carbon steel rails (segments). Ross rails are narrower than rails made by other manufacturers and are also of less radial depth. The radial depth of the rail greatly influences conformability, i.e., the ability to conform to the shape of a distorted bore. The conformability is related to the section module of the rail. This is inversely proportional to the cube of the radial thickness so it can be seen that a small reduction in radial will have a big impact on conformability. Oil can escape past the oil ring assembly via the upper side of the upper rail. By having a 15 degree angle on the rail support there is a component of the radial force applied in pressing the rail sides against the groove. Side width control of the Ross oil rings is further enhanced by means of the rail support pads which are rolled into the outer section of the expander. These pads prevent undue rail side movement which can effectively pump oil and increase oil consumption.

Please Note:
1. All part numbers are for one cylinder only
(For a Four cylinder set order quantity of Four)
2. All ring sets listed on this page are made to a diameter larger then the bore diameter. This means the gaps must be filed to get the correct gap.

1.2mm Ductile Moly Top
1.5mm Cast Second
2.8mm Stainless Expander
Three Piece Circumferential

Price $22.00 per/cylinder
  1.5mm Ductile Moly Top
1.5mm Cast Second
3mm Stainless Expander
Three Piece Circumferential

Price $22.00 per/cylinder
ROSS Rings
Bore MM Bore Inch Part # Buy Now
70 2.76 R2759
70.5 2.78 R2779
70.75 2.79 R2788
71 2.80 R2798
71.5 2.82 R2818
71.75 2.83 R2828
72 2.84 R2838
72.5 2.85 R2857
72.75 2.86 R2867
73 2.87 R2877
73.25 2.88 R2887
73.5 2.89 R2897
73.75 2.90 R2907
74 2.91 R2916
74.5 2.93 R2936
74.75 2.94 R2946
75 2.95 R2956
75.5 2.97 R2975
75.75 2.98 R2985
76 2.99 R2995
76.5 3.01 R3015
76.75 3.02 R3025
ROSS Rings
Bore MM Bore Inch Part # Buy Now
773.031 R3034
77.53.051 R3054
77.753.061 R3064
783.071 R3074
78.53.091 R3094
78.753.100 R3103
793.110 R3113
79.53.130 R3133
79.753.140 R3143
803.150 R3153
81.53.169 R3172
80.753.179 R3182
813.189 R3192
81.53.209 R3212
81.753.218 R3221
823.228 R3231
82.53.248 R3251
82.753.258 R3261
833.268 R3271
83.53.287 R3290
83.753.297 R3300
843.307 R3310
84.53.327 R3330
84.753.337 R3340
853.346 R3349
85.53.366 R3369
85.753.376 R3379
863.386 R3389
86.53.406 R3409
86.753.415 R3418
873.425 R3428
87.53.445 R3448
87.753.455 R3458
883.465 R3468
88.53.484 R3487
88.753.494 R3497
893.504 R3507
89.53.524 R3527
89.753.533 R3536
1003.937 R3940
1013.977 R3980
101.64.000 R4003
1024.016 R4019
102.14.020 R4025
102.44.030 R4035
102.64.040 R4045
103.14.060 R4065