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High Flow Direct Fit Super Stainless Catalytic Converters
(Catalytic Converters)

Installation Kit
(Install Kit)

Pics are shown for general reference only. Actual parts may vary by application.
  Random Technology - Converters & Install Kits
High Flow Direct Fit Super Stainless Catalytic Converters
Include: Direct fit converters have all necessary flanges and oxygen sensor locations (if required) as the original equipment converters.

Construction: (Metallic or Ceramic honeycomb) has already been matched to OE applications for your convenience.

This design, which meets Federal EPA and California ARB requirements, enables virtually any vehicle with a properly tuned engine to meet emissions standards with little, if any power loss (compared to an exhaust with no catalytic converter). In fact, Random Technology catalytic converters actually have a higher flow capacity than many mufflers.

As an example, a 3" diameter 9000 series Random Technology converter flows 502 cfm. Most 3" diameter high performance mufflers flow less than 475 cfm at the same test pressure.

Please note: it is illegal to remove a properly functioning catalytic converter and that aftermarket catalytic converters are not legal for installation in California on OBD II vehicles (some 1994 & 1995, and all 1996 and later vehicles).

Don't forget to order an Installation Kit to simplify your installation!

Installation Kits:
not an absolute necessity, but these kits make installation much easier!
- include stainless steel nuts and bolts and gaskets, or clamps
  (depending on requirements)

N/A = Not Available at this time
SPECIAL SHIPPING INFO: All Random Tech orders take 7-10 days to ship
Eagle Year Engine Notes Ceramic # Price Buy
Metallic # Price Buy
Kit #
Price Buy
Eagle Talon 90-97 2.0L   19-222006 $259
N/A - - 43003 $22.50
Eagle Talon 90-97 2.0L   19-225004 $245
N/A - - 43001 $22.50

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