Bolt-On Products w/HP Engine Kits vs. OEM Engine Parts
Add-ons (such as cams, headers, pulleys, air intakes, etc), are sometimes fast and cheap to install, but in most cases will not meet expectations for increased HP. Typically the reason for this is that OEM compressions and bores do not supplement them. Add-ons love higher compressions and bores in N/A engines which is exactly what our HP Engine Kits give them.

TEST Results:
1995 Acura LS 1.8, Stock HP 140, 81mm, Bore 9.2-1 comp.

With OEM Engine Parts: First we added a cam on the OEM stock motor (Crane # 101-0012) and gained 7HP (total now = 147HP). Our next add-on was a set of Pacesetter Headers (# 70-1265), extra HP gained was 10HP (total now = 157HP). Next an AEM Air Intake System (# 21-403), with an increase of another 7HP. Final Total = 164HP.

With our HP Engine Kit: This time around we rebuilt the motor with our HP Engine Kit using Wiseco 82mm bore abd 10.5 compression pistons (adjustments were made in timing and injector upgrade). Just with the bore and compression change alone, we added 38HP for a total of 178HP. Our next add-on was the Crane Cam which jumped to a 12HP gain (total now = 190HP). Adding the Pacesetter Headers gave us another 12HP (total now = 202HP). We then added the AEM Air Intake System, although we didn't see as much gain as expected, only 8HP (we think there may have been some restriction in the head area which we'll look at later on).
Final Total = 210HP.

These kind of numbers are typical of most Import Engines. Add-ons are fine and will give you easy, relatively cheap increased HP, however cams, headers and other add-ons LOVE higher compression and bore in N/A engines and will perform much better, and produce more HP for your add-on investment when added onto an engine with an HP Engine Kit upgrade.

Why Turbo's are another story...
We don't know how many times we hear that OEM pistons, rods and head gaskets can take 20PSI of boost: "My friend or this guy online said so!", they tell us. The truth is you need performance parts for any turbo upgrade project. Next time someone tells you on a forum that you can put a turbo on an N/A Motor using stock parts, ask them if they will pay for the motor when you blow it up...

The bottom line is that for more HP and upgrades, invest in a quality engine kit and do it right the first time! Purchase our HP Engine Kit and you will get the the highest quality parts, chosen specifically for your vehicle at the best price.

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