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Pauter Connecting Rods - Suzuki
Pauter offers unique single rib design E- 4340 chrome-moly forged rods. The clean, windage-reducing design and strength of these Pauter rods has proven to be extremely popular with racers, and their consistent high quality and excellent finish has resulted in many satisfied customers.Pauter Connecting Rods

Pauter 4340 Billet Rod Specifications:

  • E4340 vacuum melt chrome moly forging – CNC machined
  • Heat-treated to Rockwell C36; full coverage shotpeened; end-to-end balanced in sets.
  • Pauter 220k psi tensile strength MSP220 steel, J-formed, rolled thread racing rod bolts (standard.)
  • Aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings (standard.)
  • EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin available for extra (see below)
  • Custom pin diameters and center-to-center rod lengths can be ordered at no additional cost. High-performance bearings, tool steel wrist pins and forged aluminum pistons can be ordered specifically coordinated to your rod order (please inquire.)
  • Keep in mind that we are geared for the production of custom sizes in all engine series.

Pauter 4340 Chrome-Moly Connecting Rods (Off-The-Shelf)
This is our unique single rib design E- 4340 chrome-moly forged rod. This rod is available for import, domestic and vintage engines. Overall, the clean, windage-reducing configuration combined with the strength of the Pauter rod design, consistent high quality and excellent finish has proven to be extremely popular with racers in all venues. The result of our efforts can be seen in many decades of repeat satisfied customers.

Pauter Connecting Rods in Titanium (CUSTOM Only)
Similar to the chrome moly 4340 Billet, our titanium rods are crafted from 6AL4V Titanium Bar Stock. The titanium rods differ from our 4340 billet in that they weigh considerably less for reduced rotating and reciprocating weight. On average, the titanium rods weigh 33% less than the 4340 counterpart. In a 6-cylinder (steel rod) engine, that is the weight equivalent of removing 2 (steel) rods from the complete rotating assembly. Typically, the big end of a 4340 rod weighs more than an entire titanium rod. The Pauter 6AL4V Titanium Connecting Rod is available for most applications on a custom order basis. Due to the steps involved in manufacturing as well as customer demand, these rods are processed start to finish in 5-6 weeks.

Custom Pauter Rods versus Pauter off-the-shelf
Our usual policy as to in-stock and custom built connecting rods is a bit different from other manufacturers. We gear our production towards the custom, made-to-order end of the spectrum, stocking only a few “popular” sizes. From both the manufacturer’s as well as the customer’s point of view, this policy has its advantages. Even in identical situations, two different builders will often have differing ideas as to optimum rod specifications. Multiply this example by the myriad forms, classes, even sub-classes of racing out there, and custom parts in reality become the norm instead of the exception. We acknowledge this, and our rod program is geared to provide a high level of custom service as standard practice. We are CNC and CAD proficient, all tooling and production has been streamlined to handle one-offs as easily as multiple quantity orders. The upside is that any set of dimensional specs are OK, and turnaround on our chrome-moly rods is currently 5-6 weeks from the original processing of your order. On-shelf items are as stated above, usually limited to a minimum number of popular repeat sizes. Please be advised, all custom orders MUST be prepaid prior to production, and may not be canceled once production has started.

Important! While we maintain an ever increasing list of part numbers for a wide variety of makes, actual applications for the same type of rod can vary greatly depending on the intended use; ranging from normally-aspirated, moderate horsepower to extreme-duty high-boost exotic fuel applications. Our shelf-stock parts are designed for the most commonly applied use of the part for that type of engine and does not imply a one-size-fits-all strategy. It is always recommended that you or your reseller contact our tech department prior to order to assure the parts will be the correct match for your application. This is particularly important for engine programs that are designed to make 2 or more times the base power of the factory engine.

Pauter Rifle Drilling Option

Rifle Drilling is the process in which a path is machined through the rod beam from the rod journal to the corresponding piston pin for the purpose of feeding pressurized lubrication directly from crankshaft to wristpin. Our particular operation is performed through EDM (electrical discharge machining) process and generates an end-to-end through hole of 1.5mm in diameter, keep in mind upper bearing shells may need to be drilled to complete the free flowing of oil from crank to pin. For decades the above process “Rifle Drilling” as has proved to be a positive method of insuring ample lubrication and cooling of this critical area especially in engine programs where vacuuming devices are used to minimize power robbing windage issues.

Part # Key:  example: MIT-210-510-1389F (Note: part numbers will only be accurate to the nearest tenth of a millimeter)
210 = 21.0 mm (pin dia.)
510 = 51.0 mm (big end bore dia)
1389F = 138.9 mm (center to center length)

Part # Description Cyl Cntr
Weight Price/
Suzuki Engines
Custom Designed Rods For all other models not listed below 4/5/6/8 - - - - - - Varies Contact Us
SUZ-170-450-1200F1.0L34.72001.77210.86700.66900.8660 $739.98
SUZ-190-450-1200F3SUZUKI/SPRINT 1.0L34.72001.77210.86000.74800.8650465$739.98
SUZ-190-450-1200F4SWIFT G13B 1300CC CAR44.72001.77200.86100.74800.8610469$898.00
SUZ-200-450-1380FSWIFT M15A VVT45.43301.77210.93800.78800.7430532$898.00
SUZ-210-530-1430F42.0DOHC J20A KIZASHI 16V45.63002.08690.82000.82700.8200620$898.00
SUZ-210-530-1430F6J20A & 2.3L AERIO65.63002.08690.82000.82700.9000620$1,346.98
SUZ-210-530-1475FJ18 1.845.80802.08690.82000.82700.7400534$898.00
PAUTER-DRILLING Rifle Drilling 1 - - - - - - $69/each
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin PAUTER-EDM-04 4 - - - - - - $249 (x4)
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin PAUTER-EDM-05 5 - - - - - - $315 (x5)
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin PAUTER-EDM-06 6 - - - - - - $379 (x6)
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin PAUTER-EDM-08 8 - - - - - - $515 (x8)
Notes for ALL Rods:
  1. Weights are representative of production Pauter rods made to the dimensions listed. Actual weights may vary slightly.
  2. Rods with non-stock center-to-center lengths can vary considerably from these figures.
  3. Big end bore/width and Pin dia/width figures listed above are the dimensions we use to produce optimum running tolerances for that specific engine. Center-to-center lengths above are usually factory stock figures, or for a particularly popular aftermarket style that we normally keep in stock.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, your rods will be sized for full-floating wrist pins.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, your rods will have factory offset.

Order/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: [email protected]

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