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Crankshaft Knife-Edging
Knife-edging is a great way to give your engine a boost!
What does knife-edging do for you? 
It gives you POWER!
You can Rev up quicker!
It lets your crank cut through the oil easier!
It takes weight off the crank (2-3 lbs) for a faster RPM!
How does it work? And what does it cost?
In any engine, oil is always draining down into the pan from the top and being sloshed back up from the bottom. When the counterweights on your crank hit the oil, you get loss of power. In addition, you also get loss of power just from spinning the heavy crankshaft around. Knife-edging will reduce power lost from hitting the oil and also takes off several pounds of weight from the crank. You get higher RPM and better reliability.
Description Price
4 Cylinder $299
6 Cylinder $349
8 Cylinder $359
Call us to get Knife-Edging on your Crankshaft today! (603) 378-0090

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