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Custom & Special Orders

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Custom & Special Orders

All items not in stock and/or are designed or created specifically for the customer are considered to be Custom or Special Orders. The customer and/or mechanic must check that the proper parts are supplied before installation. Failure to do so will in no way make Flatlander Racing responsible for any damage to parts or engine that have been installed.

Please call our Sales Department at (603) 378-0090 to place all Custom/Special Orders.

Can I return a Custom or Special Order?
Custom & Special Orders can not be returned. (All items not in stock and/or are created unique for the customer are considered to be special orders).

I think my custom part might not be correct, what do I do?
Please contact our Technical Department first with any questions you may have on a custom or special order part BEFORE installing.


Can I cancel a Custom Part?
Custom parts cannot be cancelled once they have been started in production under any circumstances.
To cancel custom parts before production, you must first call us at (603) 378-0090 and ask to speak with a manager to request a Custom Parts Cancellation Code. Please keep a copy of your Custom Parts Cancellation Code and Manager's name for your records.

My custom motor is taking too long to build, can I cancel it?
Custom Motors are non-refundable for any reason. Please note that the time to build custom motors will vary depending on the type of motor and any potential complications that may arise. Motors taking 4-6 months to complete are not uncommon.

Due to the intended usage of custom motors & parts, all products are sold without any expressed, unexpressed, implied, un-implied warranty under any circumstances. We assume no responsibility in any shape, form or manor. Any action taken against Flatlander Racing or its subsidiary companies, is taken at the total and complete expense of the purchaser. All motors are intended for off highway total risk applications. All parts are under warrantee only as stated by the manufacturer. Customer assumes all costs and expenses for any legal action taken by said person. 



Sales/Tech Line: (603) 378-0090
Email: [email protected]

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