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Heat Protection Exhaust Wrap Products:
Exhaust Wrap serves a two-fold purpose that has been sought by many race professionals for the following reasons:

Reduction in ambient temperatures
Wrapping can significantly decrease underhood temperatures. Competitors have boldly claimed reductions of 70% although we at Design Engineering, Inc. have conducted comparison testing and found upwards of 45% to be more of a "real world" scenario. One thing is for sure, reduction of underhood temperatures, in any amount, is beneficial towards breathing cooler air and avoiding premature failure on costly engine components due to thermal deterioration.

Wrapping also increases the thermal retention within pipes and subsequently expedites exhaust flow at a higher velocity. This characteristic increases horsepower.

Although Exhaust Wrap received it's claim to fame from renown engine builders and racers such as Smokey Yunick, it is not just for racing. Wrapping the exhaust on your RV, heavy duty truck or tow vehicle helps add horsepower while reducing unwanted heat in the engine and driver's compartment. Wrapping the exhaust can also protect surrounding wiring and hoses from premature failure.

Design Engineering's Exhaust Wrap is constructed of a high temp resistant woven fiberglass that is then pre-heat stressed in a process called burnishing. A vermiculite coating is then applied to act as a bonding agent and to increase durability levels under extreme heat - up to 2024º F.
  • Controls heat in exhaust pipes for additional horsepower.
  • Reduces chances of burns to arms and hands.
  • Greatly reduces under hood temperatures.
  • Easy to install (We have eliminated the guess work and incorporated a blue line indicator for a perfect overlap).
  • 100% Free of asbestos.
  • Can be used on all gas or diesel internal combustion engines, including 2 - stroke engines and Turbo down pipes.
Part # Description Price Buy Now
010101 1" wide by 50' roll $39
010102 2" wide by 50' roll $59
010104 6" wide by 100' roll $179
Exhaust Wrap Kits
Design Engineering has recently introduced an Exhaust Wrap Kit.

These kits contain everything needed to completely insulate a set of V6 or small block headers. We have even included our Locking Ties for securing the wrap to your pipes, as well as our HT Silicone Coating to protect the wrap from dirt, road debris and water while providing a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Packaging a complete kit leaves you only one part number to deal with and provides a savings over buying each component separately.
Included in each kit is the following:

2 x rolls of 2" x 50' Exhaust Wrap
1 x can of HT Silicone Coating in your choice of black, white or aluminum
8 of our 8" Stainless Steel Locking Ties
4 of our 14" Stainless Steel Locking Ties

Contains everything needed to fully insulate a set of V6 or small block V8 headers.
Kit # Description Price Buy Now
010110 Black $99
010112 Aluminum $99
Turbo Installation Kit
Again, Design Engineering has compensated for the awesome amounts of heat generated by a turbocharger for...
reduction in ambient underhood temperatures & horsepower.

Designed to accommodate most turbos found on the road and track today, our kit contains everything needed to completely insulate your turbo and protect surrounding components from the extreme heat generated by the unit itself. From the large over the road trucks, to Import Performance Cars, we have designed this kit's universal nature to give you the custom fit and finish on any unit you would like to enhance.

The Turbo Insulation Kit will decrease underhood temperatures, while reducing turbo lag and increasing horsepower in the process. Insulating your turbo will also avoid premature failure on costly engine components due to thermal deterioration.
Kit Features:
  • Includes set of fully illustrated and comprehensive instructions to aid both the novice and expert alike during the installation process.
  • Controls heat in engine compartment and in the turbo unit itself to greatly reduces underhood temperatures.
  • Expedites exhaust flow quicker to keep you "spooled-up" and reduce turbo lag.
  • Easy to install (complete illustrated instructions for the custom appearance and fit ).
Kit # Description Price Buy Now
010113 Universal Turbo Insulation Kit $79

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Email: info@importperformanceparts.net

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