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Greddy Switches & Cut Controllers

Greddy Switches & Cut Controllers

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  • Our Remote Switching System (RSS) allows the user hands-free modulation between high boost and low boost settings on either of our PRofec boost controllers. It can also be used as a momentary switch for nitrous, line lock, etc., when used with our optional voltage adapter kits.

    GReddy’s Multi Switching System (MSS) is a two-channel programmable general output controller. The MSS is cockpit-mounted and wires into a vehicle’s ECU harness and/or optional GReddy sensors and the electronic devices you want to control. The MSS can control up to 2 separate electronic devices with the capability of turning on and off nitrous, solenoids, I/C-sprayers, warning lamps and many other electronic devices. Each channel can be programmed to activate through one, two or three parameters such as RPM, speed, temperature, boost or any other analog signal. With GReddy’s optional MSS Relay Kit, you can activate fuel pumps, electric fans and other higher drawing items. The multi color display can also monitor the inputted signals for peak-hold and warning values.

    GReddy Boost Cut Controllers (BCC) allows the factory ECU limiters (or "fuel cut") to be eliminated electronically, by wiring the unit directly into the factory ECU harness. The Speed Cut Controller (SCC) eliminates factory speed cut off for most Nissans and Toyotas. An added feature for the SCC is it speed trigger feature that can be used to initiate switch (similar to our RSS) via a desired speed.

    (Minimum order amount $30)

    Make Model Max Notes Part # Price Buy
    Universal INFORMETER - - 16001600 $299.99
    Universal REMOTE SWITCHING SYSTEM - for PRofec, B Spec., etc. 15500351 $109.99
    Universal OPT. RSS 5V HARNESS - momentary switch adapter 15500361 $8.50
    Universal OPT. RSS 12V HARNESS - momentary switch adapter 15500362 $32.50
    Universal MULTI SWITCHING SYSTEM 120W(10A)max 2ch. arming switch 15500600 $169.99
    Universal RELAY KIT (for M.S.S.) 240W(20A)max opt. MSS relay long use or >120W (10A) 15901400 $29.99
    * also see Gauge Accessories for Warning Sensors and GReddy Radiator Fans *
    Make Model Desc. Notes Part # Price Buy
    Mazda RX-7 BOOST CUT CONT. 1990-91 - 15540001 $96.99
    Mazda RX-7 BOOST CUT CONT. 1993-96 - 15540006 $96.99
    Universal SPEED CUT CONTROLLER Type A most Nissansan, Toyotaota 15590201 $63.50
    Universal OPT. PROFEC SPD HARNESS - - for PRofec / SCC switch 15901300 $10.50

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    Email: info@ImportPerformanceParts.net

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