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Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels
Fidanza Flywheels
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels
Made using the highest quality and
most modern materials available.
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels are made using the highest quality and most modern materials available. The flywheel itself is made from either 6061 T6 or 2024 T3 aluminum depending on the model. Both of these materials are tempered aluminum which are very, very strong yet very lightweight.

The friction surface is very special. We use a 1050 high carbon, alloy steel. It is incredibly durable, allowing the use of just about any clutch disc material available from organic to Kevlar and even sintered iron. We attach the friction surface using aerospace nuts and bolts or 304 stainless steel rivets depending on the application. These are some of the best fasteners money can buy. We chose them because of their incredible shear strength and resistance to corrosion.

Flywheel Features:
6061 T6 Aluminum CNC machined
Aerospace fasteners 1050 steel ring gear
Eagle Year Engine Notes WGT Foot
Part # Price Buy Now
Summit 92 2.4L 6-bolt AWD 8 - 161691 $209
Summit 92 2.4L 6-bolt FWD 8 - 161651 $209
Talon 89-92 2.0L T 6-bolt AWD 8 - 161691 $209
Talon 89-92 2.0L T 6-bolt FWD 8 - 161651 $209
Talon 90-92 2.0L NT 6-Bolt Crank 8 - 161841 $329
Talon 92-94 2.0L NT 7-Bolt Crank TBA - 161971 $329
Talon 92-98 2.0L T 7-bolt AWD 8 - 161731 $209
Talon 92-98 2.0L T 7-bolt FWD 8 - 161781 $209
Talon 95-98 2.0L NT Must use 1995 Neon style clutch 8 3, 27 194201 $329
(1) Replacement of dual mass flywheel may cause added gear noise
(2) Designed for aftermarket stacked style clutch. Check for fitment.
(3) 1996 and up must use 1995 clutch and flywheel mounting bolts (not included)
(27) If friction surface has an 8.75" dia., use part #228751. If friction surface has a 9" dia., use part #229001
Attention: All applications are listed using the very best sources available. The end user must verify fitment before installation.