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Competition Plus Hollow Stem Valves


Ferrea made available the Lightweight Hollow Stem Valve for Sport Compact applications. Our manufacturing process emphasizes the interior finish of the hollow stem using gun drill and micro polish techniques. The valves also feature seat hardness for longer life in this critical area, avionics chrome plated stem, radial groove, friction welded tips and Super Flo stem to improve the flow design. This lightweight valve achieves higher rpm’s to improve the combustion cycle and obtain more HP.
Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-GST 2.0L - DOHC 16 Valve (4G63-4G63T) 1990-1999
Mitsubishi EVO8/9 1990-2007
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F1080P I 34 mm 6.57 mm 109.7 mm 3.8 mm 20° Super Flo Stock size $33.99
F1073P I 35 mm 6.57 mm 109.7 mm 3.8 mm 20° Super Flo +1 mm o/size. $33.99

Ara Arslanian from Bullish Motor Racing recorded
first 6-second run in Sport Compact history.
Best time 6.86 ET at 202 MPH using Ferrea Valves!

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