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Discount Ferrea Valve Springs
Ferrea Valve Springs - Saturn
For ALL racing environments!

Developed from high strength alloys
Springs are heat treated and stress relieved = increase in spring's life!
Provide stability needed for high lift and high RPM.
Minimizes load loss for today's aggressive valvetrain combo's.

"Harmonics or high frequency fatigue is present in ALL racing engines and will usually destroy the valvetrain if not controlled! Properly designed valve springs will control the dominant harmonics, provide the needed stability, and reduce valvetrain component wear."

IMPORTANT: All Valve Springs require Retainers and Spring Seat Locators. See requirements listed under Part #'s. 
Part # Type Inner OD Outer
Special Alloy
Max Lift Price/
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Saturn LLO 1.9L, 1991-'98
S10059 Dual Spring - Turbo
Special Alloy
20.8mm 28.0mm 87 lbs @ 36mm 195 lbs @ 26mm 12.5mm $21.99
Valve Springs Require:
1) Ferrea Titanium Retainer #E11036
2) Factory supplied Spring Seat Locator. To be used with 7 mm valve stem ONLY.
S10060 Dual Spring - Turbo
PAC Enhanced Alloy
23.10mm 30mm 95 lbs @ 34mm 220 lbs @ 24mm 13.5mm $21.99
Valve Springs Require:
1) Ferrea Titanium Retainer #E11038 OR Ferrea Aluminum Magnesium Retainer #E11038
2) Ferrea Spring Seat Locator #SL1029 - Discard OEM Seat Locator. To be used with 5.5mm valve stem ONLY 
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