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Frequently Asked Technical Questions
  1. How do I increase my horse power without rebuilding the motor or breaking the bank (add-ons)?
    A. Nitrous Oxide
    B. Headers
    C. Exhaust System
    D. Air Intakes
    E. Pulleys
    F. Flywheels 
  2. How do I get that neck-snapping ride I've always wanted?
  3. If I add lots of Nitrous, Supercharger or Boost, can I put stock components back in the new bored holes?
  4. Besides boring, what will have the greatest effect on my air flow (make my car the fastest?


 1. How do I increase my horse power w/o rebuilding the motor or breaking the bank (add-ons)?
Effectively speaking, bolt-ons or add-ons will increase the horsepower of your import motor but has certain limitations.  Remember real horsepower requires moving more air and fuel at a given RPM

Here is a list in order of their ability to get these ponies:
  Nitrous Oxide: A 50 shot of Nitrous Oxide is max for stock motors. Exceeding this amount may work for a while, but you can end up blowing up the motor.
  Headers: A good set of headers should not put you in the poor house. Stick to common name brands, ceramic will last longer and are a good investment.
  Exhaust System: A good exhaust system enhances the air flow from those headers you just put on, and they sound good too!
  Air Intakes:  We have tested a number of different air intakes and with all the claims the figures are just not there. Get something that looks good and has a brand name.
  Pulleys:  A good set of Pulleys not only look good. last longer and have better gripping pf the belts, but they can increase HP from 8 - 20, depending on the application.
  Flywheels:  The bottom line here is that the lighter the rotating assembly the faster the motor will rev up. A light Flywheel not only makes more power but the specs on Aftermarket Flywheels are far better than OEM.

2. How do I get that neck-snapping ride I've always wanted?
Now here is a list for you guys that want that neck-snapping ride.  This list is made from the least expensive to those of you that own Fort Knox!

  Copper Head Gasket: That's right, by reducing the thickness of your Copper Head Gasket to increase compression, it's an easy gain.
  Camshafts: The topic of camshafts can go on forever but the bottom line is, if properly chosen, cams can enhance total performance.

At this point things get kind of tricky.  Anything from here on out requires the proper matching of components with some professional help. 

  Block Boring: This is ABSOLUTELY the most power gain you can get. First you have more cubic inches (there is no replacement for displacement), and secondly, more HP is gained by increased bore than stroke. Also, on the imports this unshrouds the valves that allows more airflow to the cylinders.
More fuel + More air = More power

3. If I add lots of Nitrous, Supercharger or Boost, can I put stock components back in the new bored holes?
This is a good time to keep in mind what you are trying to achieve.  If you are intending to add lots of nitrous, supercharger or boost, you can't put stock components back in those new bored holes.  

First consider Forged Pistons (if you expect more than 50 HP over stock).
Second, Stock rods are fine for a stock motor, but if more than 30 over stock, consider replacing them with aftermarket.
Third, If you're adding or have tons of NX or boost, or if you expect to make over 50 HP over stock  then Forged Pistons and new Connecting Rods are a must (if your making 100HP over stock, it will require Billet Connecting Rods)!
Lastly, just a note on cranks.  Imports have some very good cranks, some even forged.  Unless you are into all out racing and want to spend $1500-$2000 for a billet crank, stick with the one you have.

4. Besides boring, what will have the greatest effect on my air flow?
Next to boring, Heads have the greatest effect on Airflow. Lost of shops are now offering porting, import matching, reshaping chambers and polishing combustion chambers. Some of the work can be a little pricey but even with minimal work its worth the investment, and a necessity for the big head hunters!

AND REMEMBER, Be realistic!!!  With a few basic rules and some of that hard earned money power gains can be achieved by making the right parts work together. The best way to achieve your goals is to get professional advice (you can't talk to a book!). With today's computer age, use your smarts.  The big web site guys didn't get that big, unless they were doing something right.