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Eagle "ESP" H-Beam Rods Eagle "ESP" H-Beam Rods

“ESP” connecting rods are forged form 4340 steel and utilize 3/8” ARP 2024 cap screw-style bolts with alignment sleeves for a perfect fit. Packaged in weight-matched sets (+/- 1g). Sizing is done on the state of the art Sunnen Krossgrinding system. “ESP” connecting rods are the perfect choice for engines up to 900 HP (4-cyl) or 1500 HP (6-cyl).

ESP Armor Finish - What it is and why you NEED it!
ESP Armor is a revolutionary new surface finishing process developed exclusively by Eagle Specialty Products, Inc. The exact process is a closely guarded secret, but you can know that it does not use any chemicals or electrolysis-type processes (it is also not a coating).
Most people when they see a crankshaft or rod that has undergone the ESP Armor finishing process will mistake it for a chrome process. It is not chrome! The material you see is the same material on the surface that you have always seen - just finished to perfection. Well, maybe nothing is perfect, but this finish is closer than anyone has ever gotten. The finish is truly amazing! It literally is a mirror finish. Looking at it is like looking at your reflection in the mirror! Pictures just don't do it justice (have you ever tried to photograph a mirror?). You have to see it first-hand to really appreciate it.

RIGHT NOW! Add Eagle ARMOR Coating (Mirror Finish) for only $79!
Engine Part # C-C Length Weight Notes Price/Set Buy Now
All EAGLE-ARMOR-RODS - - Eagle ESP Armor Finish (set of 4) $79
B6/BP CRS5233M3D 5.233 535 all 1.6 & 1.8 Miata $349.99
MZR 2.3L Turbo CRS5927M13D 5.927 580 DI 2.3 turbo, .866” pin $349.99
MZR 2.3L Turbo CRS5927M23D 5.927 580 DI 2.3 turbo, .886” pin $349.99
1.9/2.0L Zetec CRS5483F3D 5.483 535 .788" (20mm) pin $349.99
Ford 2.3L Duratec
CRS6094F3D 6.094 565 non-turbo, .827" (21mm) pin $349.99

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