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- Delphi sample photo only-
(Fuel Flow & Formula's CLICK HERE)

Delphi Fuel Injectors
2.2 '98-02 Cavalier, Sunfire & '98-03 S-10)
Increase your HP Quickly!

Simply by installing an upgraded injector, you will increase your HP by getting more fuel to the cylinders! Our 507 castings have the vortec combustion chamber.
For N/A Motors:
- Stock injectors for a 2.2 cav is 17 PSI for N/A motors and 19 for S10 flex fuel.
- An upgrade to the fuel pressure regulator is not required for N/A motors
(which run on about 45 P)
- Injectors in the 20.5-24.5 can be used for N/A motors

For TURBO Applications:
Turbo applications would require an upgraded fuel pump

  • 30 lbs for Turbo's 12-15 PSI
  • 42 for Turbo's 18-29 LBS and
  • 50 for Turbo's exceeding 20 Lbs of boost (along w/regulator pressure increases)

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