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Bore Barrels for your Porshe   Porsche Bore Barrels

These Porsche barrels are designed and manufactured by Perfect Bore from high strength, forged 4032 aluminum alloy.

They are 15% stronger than stock barrels and have a super hard, long lasting Nickel Ceramic coating.

Barrels are machined for standard dimension sealing rings (SO) or with no sealing ring groove (NO). (Sealing rings are not included.)

Part # Bore
Engine Price Add to
B095-103-403-NO 95mm 3.0/3.2L CALL CALL
B095-103-403-SO 95mm 3.0/3.2L CALL CALL
B098-103-403-NO 98mm 3.0/3.2L CALL CALL
B100-107-403-SO 100mm 3.6/3.8L CALL CALL
B100-105-403-NO 100mm requires
B102-107-403-SO 102mm 3.6/3.8L CALL CALL
B102-109-403-SO 102mm 3.6/3.8L CALL CALL
B104-109-403-SO * 104mm 3.6/3.8L CALL CALL


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